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Monday, September 24, 2018

2 SIMPLE Tips to Choose the right BELT for your OUTFIT | Mens Fashion Tamil

Whether it’s a casual or formal wear, men should always wear a belt that matches with their outfit. The correct combination of belt and your clothing can make you look impressive. Belts not only tights up your waists, but also help us to stay tucked in while we sit, stand, bend down or turn. If you have decided to make your outfits look awesome, then read our guide on how to select the right belt.


There are different kinds of belt that vary based on the usage, according to the different occasions. If you have a business meeting then you should opt for wearing dress belts. A dark brown or black colored leather belt will be a great choice for formal occasions. You can go for both silver and gold buckle. The smooth textured and finished leather makes it much suitable for formal occasions.
RULE NO 1:                                                                                                                            
Try to match your belt color with your shoes.

 RULE NO 2: Always look for narrow belts instead of wide belts, this type is most suitable to wear with dress pants, chinos and jeans. 

If you are going out for a date or meet a friend casual belts will be a great choice. Belts are available in leather, webbed material but leather is the only material that is suitable for all occasions. When you are wearing a casual belt with your chinos or jeans, it’s not mandatory to match the color of your belt with the color of your shoe. By no means wear a white belt to match your white sneakers, for a casual outfit.  

  • Try to opt for stitched leather belts in formal occasions.
  • If it’s possible, even try to match the color of watch strap with the color of your belt.
  • Try to opt for stitch free fabric belts, when it comes to casual outfits. 

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