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Sunday, September 16, 2018

4 SIMPLE things you can do to your Patchy Beard to look AWESOME | MensFashionTamil

 Not all of us are blessed with a full beard, you might have seen guys rocking a full beard and guys like you and me often get worried of thinking about our patchy beard but don’t worry my friend, Here are 4 simple steps that you can do to your patchy beard to look awesome.


The first and foremost thing is you should not touch the razor for first two months. Before judging about your genetics you have to try growing your beard for one or two months, the important thing about this is you do not know how your beard gona look until you grow it fully. Because many men after growing a full beard found that their patches are hidden, the fact behind this is your long hair can hide your patchy area.


 Always try to work with what you have, you can try different things to improve your beard growth but try to adapt with what your genetics had given. There are different beard styles that you can try even if you have patches because many people have facial hair in the chin area, some can grow full length mustache and even some have hair on their jawlines. For example you can rock a French beard if you have less facial hair on the cheek areas.



Last but not least we should also talk about the correct grooming routine for your beards. To prevent your beard from itchiness, flaking, beard dandruff and also dry beard hair. Use a sulfate free dedicated beard shampoo and beard oil to avoid itchiness and dryness. It is also important to maintain the shape of your beard because it looks weird, If length of the beard hair is uneven and shaping up your beard also helps you to improve your looks.


Having a well balance diet is the first and most important step to beard growth. It’s definitely hard for us to cut out junk foods we eat, but trust me, you’ll feel much better and your beard will look better. Try to include plenty of biotin in your diet from natural sources like eggs, milks, avocados, legumes and chocolate. Healthy life style is equal to a healthy beard, Try to spend some time in Gym and start working out, which boosts your testosterone and this greatly promotes beard growth.


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