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Sunday, September 16, 2018

4 STYLISH Ways to wear your CHINO PANTS | MensFashionTamil

Chino is a cotton casual pant that comes in a variety of colors, cuts and styles. Chino pants are the most versatile bottom wear you can find because it is highly functional and fits as per your body shape. Chinos are pants that are not fully formal but you can wear it as business casual by selecting the right pair of khaki chinos. If you are tired of wearing jeans then let’s try something new, in this article we are about to discuss the 4 best ways to style your chino pants.


For a good casual outfit, you can wear your chinos with t-shirt. You can wear a navy blue chino and pair it with a t-shirt and then you can throw on a sneaker with a little bit of fold at the bottom of your chinos. Even you can tuck it in to break the top and bottom half.



The second way to style up your chinos is to pair the chino pants with one of your dress shirts. You can roll up the sleeves of shirt and tuck it in to your chinos and finally throw on a penny loafer to complete the outfit. You can also wear printed half hand shirt with your chinos if the climate is warmer.

Denim shirts are most men’s favorite piece of clothing that they love wearing all the time. You can also pair your favorite denim shirt with khaki chinos, these two form a great combo. What I like about these chino pants are unlike jeans they are really comfortable, super breathable and good to wear in summer and spring seasons.



The final way to style up your chinos is to wear it little dressier, yeah it is quite possible to wear chinos with a sports jacket and blazers. Just wear a navy blue chino or any darker color and pair it with a nice dress shirt and finally you can throw on blazer to complete the look along with a nice pair of boot or penny loafers.



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