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Sunday, September 16, 2018

4 Ways to SMILE Perfectly for MEN

 Nowadays all of us extremely care about how we look and as we all know that we are in a generation where both youngsters and elders prefer capturing golden moments in their life with something called Selfie. While clicking a cute selfie it’s very important to smile and Display our white pearls. So I am writing this article to help all the Gentle men who struggle to display a beautiful smile, Here you will find the 4 best ways to bring out your awesome smile. 


 I often call this smile as picture perfect smile because of the way it looks and the real advantage of this smile is, you can hide stain marks on your teeth if you have. In this smile the lips are closed and the smile is optimum, where the cheek muscles don’t go too high. This is the smile you can wear in any formal situations.


Tight lip smile is nearly similar to half smile but the cheeks doesn’t really engages as if in the half smile. The best way to achieve a tight lip smile is to think of a good joke and try to control the laughter, you will get it.

                                      FULL SMILE
 This is the smile, where you can display your white pearls. Don’t force yourself to show off your teeth to make this smile, if you do it looks awkward and ugly. The best way to achieve this smile is to really enjoy the situation, feel the happiness and try to smile from inside. 


In this smile our cheek muscles and eyes full gets engaged. As buy the name itself suggests open mouth smile, you have to widely open your mouth and try to engage the cheeks and eyes to get the fuller smile as shown in the picture.

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