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Sunday, September 16, 2018



In my opinion jeans are one of the greatest and biggest essential in a men’s wardrobe, but often guys like you and me get a little confusion in selecting the color of our jeans. So in this article we mentioned about the 5 must have jeans that should be in every men’s wardrobe, And these jeans are going to be the basic essential’s you need and once after covering these jeans you can go for additional shades. You can select jeans according to your body type but the color and shades remains the same. These five colors fall under both bright and dark colors so that you can pair it up with all most all shirts, T-shirts or any upper you gonna wear.

 Blue jeans are the most fashionable item’s that you can wear to look sexy and I think you can pair these jeans with almost all the dress shirts you have, to get that business casual look and also you can wear it with t-shirts. We can find blue jeans with a lot of color variations and shades. But in my opinion first you can go for a dark and a light colored blue jeans and these three are the most fashionable jean that I have found.

Dark Blue Denim


Denim jeans are a bit expensive but these jeans adds high aesthetic look to your outfit. You can pair these jean with lighter color dress shirts and finally wear boots to complete the outfit.

Black Jean

Black is one of the most versatile color you can find and these black jeans works good on every guy, No matter what your skin tone is and you can also pair it up with any upper you want and still look good without taking much effort in dressing.

I hope you guys find this article helpful and in my opinion these are the most versatile jeans that you should own immediately to take your style game to the next level.

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