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Sunday, September 16, 2018

4 COOL TRICKS anybody can do immediately to get a more SYMMETRICAL FACE | MensFashionTamil

4 COOL TRICKS anybody can do To Get A More SYMMETRICAL FACE

You guys might be thinking what’s so important about facial symmetry and why does it bother me, well the answer is, facial symmetry is an important trait that people find subconsciously attractive but most men don’t have a symmetrical face. But don’t worry guys we can do some cool tricks to balance out the asymmetrical features of our face.


The first trick to get a better facial symmetry in a natural way is utilizing your facial hair. What I mean by this is, grooming your facial hair in a specific shape gives you more symmetry with equal amount of facial hair on both sides of your cheek. And this facial hair can also hide some imperfections found on your skin and bone structure.


The Second trick that you can do to make your face more symmetrical is by wearing glasses. Surprisingly these glasses adds more symmetry to your face. Most guys hesitate to wear glasses but nowadays glasses are one among the style accessory. You might have seen dude’s who look cool with glasses. See the below given before and after picture.


 Not all hairstyle’s suits your face, find a hairstyle that compliments your facial structure, if you are a guy with a wider jawline you can go for fringe haircut, but if you are guy with round face cut you should go for high skin fade with pompadour. So guys, to make your face more symmetrical choose hairstyles according to your face shape.



Last but not least, one of the root cause of facial asymmetries is crooked or crowded teeth. If you have this problem consult a dentist as soon as possible and wear braces to get a correct oral posture, because a good oral posture can help you in achieving a well-defined facial structure.

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