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Monday, September 17, 2018

Step by Step MENS JEANS FITTING GUIDE | Mens Fashion Tamil

Hey Guys, we all have a ton of jeans in our wardrobe and jeans are one of the must have essential in a men’s wardrobe. Here are few simple tips to buy the perfect pair of jeans that fits perfectly to your body and these tips are not strict rules but my own personal recommendations to look more sharp and better.
So these are the types of jeans, we find majority in the market.
  1. Slim fit jeans

  2. Skinny jeans

  3. Super Skinny jeans

  4. Straight cut jeans

  5. Boot-cut jeans

  6. Relaxed jeans

Slim Fit jeans are the best option for young and middle aged men. Slim fit jeans are not too skinny and also not too baggy, slim jeans lies between straight and skinny jeans. These jeans generally follows the contour of your legs and these jeans suits majority of the men. First of all, slim fit jeans can help you to look a little bit taller and make you look thinner. I highly recommend these jeans to youngsters who are skinny.


Skinny jeans are similar to slim fit jeans but are little bit more tighter on the legs including the thigh, knee, calf and the ankle area. Skinny jeans are perfect for skinny guys who find difficult to fit with slim fit and straight jeans. Avoid wearing skinny jeans if you are a little bit fat because these really show’s off your assets. You should look for a little bit of excess fabric in the skinny jeans while purchasing to avoid looking like women’s jeans. If you are a skinny guy you can opt for skinny jeans but not super skinny.


                                          SUPER SKINNY JEANS

The third type of jeans is super skinny jeans which I strongly don’t recommend to any of the guys even if you are a younger guy or older guy. These jeans are the tightest of all type and these jeans look like women’s jeans. These jeans make’s you incredibly thinner, make your thighs visible and gives a feminine look.


                                                      STRAIGHT JEANS                                                                                                       
 As the name suggests straight, these jeans go pretty straight towards the bottom. Straight jeans have little bagginess. I highly recommend these jeans to gentlemen who are a little bit older and if your age is above 40 to embrace the maturity. These jeans doesn’t add much style to your looks like a youngster but definitely embrace your maturity. If you are little bit weighty you can opt for Straight cut jeans instead of slim or skin fit jeans.

                                                                   BOOT-CUT JEANS

Boot-cut jeans are narrow fitting jeans around the waist but loose throughout the legs and widen towards the angles. The problem with boot cut jean is that they are tight at the thigh area and you will feel very less comfortable and also make you look, you are from 1970’s. These jeans also send a message to other people that you are a person, who doesn’t really care about dressing, which is not good if you want to be a more stylish person. Generally I don’t recommend Boot-cut jeans for anyone.


Relaxed or Loose fit jeans are mostly similar to Boot-cut jeans. As the name suggests these jeans are really relaxed and loose. I strongly don’t recommend these jeans if you are a skinny person, because these excess fabric makes your legs appear smaller. But if you are guy with big thigh muscles you can opt for this type.

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