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Saturday, September 22, 2018

TAMIL actors who nailed the BEARD LOOK | Mens Fashion Tamil

Do you love beard? If the answer is yes, you can rock any of the beard style’s given below that matches with your face shape and the amount of facial hair you have. Here are some of the pics of Tamil actors who nailed the BEARD look.

Vijay Beard Style

  Joseph Vijay unanimously known as Vijay, is one of the popular and highly paid actor in Tamil cinema. Guys who struggle to grow facial hair or with a lot of patchiness on their face can opt for a Goatee style like illayathalpathi Vijay, this beard style is pretty easy to maintain and only less facial hair is needed for this style.                Vikram Beard Style

Vikram has one of the most beautiful beard in Tamil cinema industry. As you Guys can see that the amount of facial hair should be pretty high to rock this style. There is nothing much to say about a full beard because sporting a full beard doesn't really need much effort when compared to the above mentioned styles. Don't touch your razors, if you are determined to grow a full beard. Just let your beard grow for two to three months.

Surya Beard Style 

  Surya is one of the most versatile actor in Tamil film industry. This Guy can pull over any Beard styles and still look Handsome. Actor Surya is being a style inspiration for many youngsters. This Beard look is from the movie Singam, which later became a signature beard style of surya and the beard style on right is from the movie “Anjan”, which gone viral and created craze in the minds of many young men.

Dhanush Beard style

 Actor Dhanush have been starred in more than twenty five Tamil movies, one of the finest actor who chooses different film’s and changes the way he looks in accordance with the movie he acts. In this picture Dhanush sported a long stubble beard which adds more definition to his face.

Atharva Beard style

 Last but not least, Stubble beard styles never go out fashion. Medium stubble beard can add more definition to your face as the top section of the beard is aligned in a straight line. The difference between a short stubble and a medium stubble is length of the hair.

Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi Beard Look’s in Vikram Vedha

  Chocolate boy Madhavan and Vijay sethupathi nailed the beard look in the movie “Vikram Vedha”

                            Extended Goatee look by Super Star Rajinikanth

  Back in 1990’s, Super star Rajinikanth sported a full beard in the movie Baasha, but recently updated his beard in a more stylish way. Young men in their twenties can wear this beard style and look sexy. 

Santhanam Beard style

 Santhanam entered Tamil cinema as a comedy actor, but in later years this man transformed himself to hero. The above given Beard look of santhanam gone viral over the internet and this look made many of his fans speechless.


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