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Thursday, September 20, 2018

TOP 6 SEXY beard Styles that never goes out of FASHION | Mens Fashion Tamil

 TOP 6 SEXY BEARD Styles that never goes out of fashion

Here we listed few beard styles, if you like, you can save it in your device, so that you can design your beard in latest trends.
Stubble beard is the most fashionable beard nowadays. Guys who have baby face can rock a stubble to add more maturity to your face. The length of the facial hair is pretty low in this beard style.


Guys who struggle to grow facial hair or with a lot of patchiness on their face can opt for a Goatee style, this beard style is pretty easy to maintain and only less facial hair is needed for this style.


This beard style is named KHILJJI beard because Indian Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh rocked this style in the movie "Padmavati" which created craze all over India. The amount of facial hair to sport this style is pretty long and dark. 


There is nothing much to say about a full beard because sporting a full beard doesn't really need much effort when compared to the above mentioned styles. Don't touch your razors, if you are determined to grow a full beard. Just let your beard grow for two to three months.


  Just like the Goatee beard, men who cant grow a fuller beard can choose this Vandyke beard style.In this style, facial hairs on the cheek areas should be completely shaven.


 Last but not least, Stubble beard styles never go out fashion. Medium stubble beard can add more definition to your beard as the top section of the beard is aligned in a straight line. The difference between a short stubble and a medium stubble is the length of the hair. 

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