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Thursday, October 4, 2018


Few years back, ladies targeted on men’s income and their dedication to the relationships. However recent researches discovered, out what girls find physically fascinating in men. Use these points to your gain that ladies can’t resist.

1. Build muscle
If you have decided to attract some pretty girls and think about yourself to be a player in it, then definitely, you have to hit gym often. Studies have proven that ladies are attracted to muscular men. So, as long as you are willing to spend a couple of hours regularly at the gym and ingesting right foods to your body, you can have a cut and muscular body. Don’t overdo it and turn out to be a muscle freak for women.
2. Be Erect
As we all know women exhibit tendency to taller men rather than the short ones. Similarly they also look for men with a gold standard posture. Straightening up your backbone and keeping your head up will genuinely make you seem taller and attract greater women. it makes you look more masculine and dominant than others.
3. Proper Grooming 
Shaving your face and keeping it clean many times gives you a high area on your elegance among women. Studies have proven that guys with symmetrical faces are found more attractive to women. To create a symmetrical looking face, use your facial hair, if you have a beard. A short stubble on the sides may look perfect.
        4. Avoid Bad Breath 
Communication is the key for understanding anyone and especially a girl. Talking to her will determine your status as how a long way you can go. Good and awful breath plays an important role, when it comes to first impression. If you have a terrible breath, deal with it in a proper way. Brush your enamel daily. Use mouth wash before heading into public meets. Don’t be lazy in this specific area else you will be missing out your attainable objectives for the night. 
5. Don’t Put On Too Much Cologne
The way you smell have an essential part in whether a girl will be attracted to you or not. Women use their experience of odor to decide, how genetically different a man is from them. The point here is, let your natural body scent surround her more than any cologne. If needed, apply a little bit of cologne, simply a little spritz of it.

6. Get Rid of Excess Body Hair

Studies have shown that women like men with less physique hair rather than hairy guys. If you are of the latter type then i would advise you to get rid of them as soon as possible. Use a right wax to do your job, it will solely take 10 minutes of your time. This can make you a sexy beast, when going topless over the beach.

7. Improve your Sense of Humor
Women like men who can make them giggle and not the one, who bore them with formal conversations. Frequently use humor in your conversations to amuse ladies. Remember there are special types of humor, women do no longer like cheesy jokes, so don’t copy jokes from a joke book, use your own ways.
8. Compliment her
Try to find something that you haven’t complimented before. It can be about her body, her dress, her personality and the way she does things or her talents. Most humans like getting compliments about matters that they are proud of. But if you discover something that she doesn’t like about herself and you compliment it, it will increase her confidence, even if she doesn’t desire to acknowledge it. These types of compliments will be remembered by her and also feels happy about her relationship with you. But make sure that you are being honest.
9. Gentleman etiquette
The key to be a gentleman is to appreciate and treat ladies equally. Some gestures such as the following will make you charming in front of women

– let her sit first.
– Watch your language
– stroll her home
– Provide her your jacket if needed or cold outside.
– introduce her to your friends and relatives.
– shut your telephone at the table
– give her a seat if needed.
– Keep the door open for her.

Holding on to these gestures will decorate your character in the eyes of a woman and will increase the probability of hooking up with loads of women.
10. Improve Your Communication Skills
If you can improve your verbal capabilities, you can take on any girl you want. When speaking to a girl, hold on to a low voice tone and be fluent in your talking. Wear a cute little smile on your lips while you speak and add little humor to your conversation to maintain things interesting. Your tongue is the reflection of your character, so use it correctly and use it well.
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