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Friday, October 5, 2018

HOW to have a Confident BODY Language like CONOR MCGREGOR | Mens Fashion Tamil

Confident BODY Language like CONOR MCGREGOR

If you watch Conor McGregor during the press conferences and interviews, you will observe that he usually make himself comfortable, takes up a lot of room. He sits with ease as if he is in his home watching movies in Netflix.

During the UFC 196 press conference, Conor’s Body language is clearly displayed, where Conor has his elbows unfold out nearly like an eagle, but his opponent Rafael Dos Anjos had closed Body language, hands were tucked below the table, his shoulders were tucked in and not open and also he kept his head down as he talks. His body language was certainly vulnerable.
The trouble with having closed, weak and poor body posture is that it forms a negative feedback throughout your social interactions.
In reality you lose confidence by having these passive positions because your mind notices that you have terrible Body language and this in turn makes you nervous further and your nerves lead you to further close off Body language and again your mind notices and make you to feel less confident about yourself, this cycle continues till you lose all your power.

Amy Cuddy a social Physiologist in her TED Talk concluded that doing “Power Poses” for just two minutes can have an effect in your body and mind (strong Body language), Benefits of confident body language are:

Increase in testosterone levels

Lower Cortisol levels (which is a stress hormone)

increase in confidence levels

How you can practice this?
If you are going out for date or social interaction, be aware of your body language.
Avoid terrible Body language as it makes you weaker.
 Keep away from doing the following:
• Keeping your hands in your pockets and shoulders tucked in.
• Looking down
• Crossing your arms
• Sitting in opposition to the wall with a drink in your hand (stop hiding)

Generally, terrible physique language is closed in. Don’t be afraid to take up extra room. Below are
Confident Body language tips
• Take up more space in the room.
• Keep your feet bit wider
• Don’t slouch, Have an good, erect standing posture
• Keep your head up, look straight not down
• Relax (nobody will kill you)
Images of some 'Power Poses' so that you could practice it in your spare time

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